This page contains the legit Java-written code for the HiddenRSPS 317 Server.


1.  Create 3 folders, named as follows. Please follow the upper cases and lower cases.

Folder Names Descriptions
characters Puts all character settings.
config In-game basic configurations.
data In-game basic data.

2.  Go into the config folder. Create 10 text documents with the names as follows.

Self-edited Configuration Files
TXT File Names Descriptions
autospawncodes.txt Contains the NPC locations in coordinates. Act as a storage file.
bans.txt Contains the banned usernames. To unban them, delete their names in this file.
commands.txt A log of the commands used by each player in-game.
connect.txt All connections of IP addresses to your server.
dupers.txt Persons who dupe will be detected by the server and recorded in here.
ipbans.txt Contains the IPbanned usernames. To unipban them, delete their names in this file.
mutes.txt Usernames which are muted will be listed here. To unmute them, delete their names in this file.
tempbans.txt Temporary banned usernames will be listed here by owners. After 24 hours, the player will be unbanned.

3.  Create 10 text documents. Save them as .cfg typed files. They are explained as below.











Main Configuration Files
CFG File Names Descriptions
autospawn.cfg Contains the NPC locations in coordinates. This is the main configuration file of autospawn.
doors.cfg Contains the configuration of all the doors in the server.
globaldrops.cfg The automatic drops on the ground in the server are listed here in the form of coordinates.
item.cfg All the editable data of the items in the server are listed here.
magicSpells.cfg Configuration for the magic spells inside the game.
npc.cfg NPC IDs, examine message and their graphics are stored here.
npcdrops.cfg When you kill a NPC, its drops are editable here.
runes.cfg Information about all the runes in the game.
shops.cfg Contains all the shop names and their contents listed as Item IDs.
weaponHandler.cfg Handles all the in-game weapon animations and their stats.

4.  Download this and put them into the data folder.



  •, known as the main server management file handles most of the game server. It contols all the responses of the server in favour to the player.
  • It is created using a plain text document. But is noted when saving, the format is not .txt, it is .java.
  • Some of the codes are not suitable to be coded by beginners, as these will easily mess up the server and you might not be able to run it properly.
  • Some common used codes are explained below. Note the upper and lower cases of file names.
  • For easy reading of the codes, please refer here.
Common Codes in
Code Main Format Explanation

import java.util.Calendar;

import java.(Folder name which the imported file lies).(Name of file to be imported);

  • Import - relate some of the codes in a file to another file.
  • This example relates (in utils folder) to
public class client extends Player implements Runnable { public class (File name) extends (Another file name) implements Runnable {
  • Public class

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