The HiddenRSPS 317 Server is one of the HiddenRSPS game servers coded in Java. It the first ever server in the HiddenRSPS 317-728 Combined. It is a very basic RuneScape 2007 server. Some of the features are not working properly. Oldschool lovers choose this server because it is related closely to the economy.

HiddenRSPS 317 Server
Full Name HiddenRSPS 317 Oldschool Server

Alternative Name

HidRS 317, HiddenRSPS317
Revision 317
Part of? HiddenRSPS 317-728 Combined
Staff in charge Hidden, Wtfitssilent


There are not much features in the 317 server. Since most of the updates from RuneScape is considered as "spoiling" the game's economy.

  • Complete open-sourced development client.
  • Economy-based oldschool server.

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